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Perry a No Show at Texas Wildfire Press Conference

Apparently, Rick Perry is having difficulty with running for president and running Texas. I’m guessing it’s poor form to miss a press conference about the wildfires in a town where nearly 1,400 homes have been destroyed by said wildfires. 

Of course, he might face embarrassing questions about his slashing 75 percent of the volunteer fire department budget. In Texas, 80 percent of firefighting in wildlands is done by volunteer firefighters.

Perhaps he might also face questions about these cuts coming after Perry began asking for federal funds to combat fires in April. Whether it was a scheduling issue or him just dodging and weaving, as my friend Bob is fond of saying, that’s rather “unsportsmanlike” behavior. 

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    More Perry Leadership. By “leadership” I mean douchebaggery.
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    Not surprising at all. The man is unfit and unsuitable for command.
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    Not cool. I don’t like Rick Perry…he’s just another politician. :/ Anyway, maybe sanityscraps and I can both move to...
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    Fuck him. My father works in North Carolina for the Forest Service and if our governor had handicapped our ability to...
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    But not running the country. Him and George need to go play with their green army men and leave the world alone.
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    What an asshole. If he becomes president, I’m moving to Canada or something.
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  13. abowlofbranflakes said: I just think it’s interesting that he had time to go the the debate on Wednesday. If that had been President Obama going to a a fundraising event when the something devastating was happening Fox “news” would be in a tizzy.
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    I still can’t believe this man is running for President. There are signs in my tiny town already. DEPRESSING
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    Governing fail. People are actually trusting this guy to run the country and he can’t even do it without a “Governing...
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    Fuck Perry.
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  19. kevindrakewriter said: Of course, he’s got priorities you know. Jesus told him too.
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    But state and federal funding is destroying our country…by preventing wildfires! Yes, that makes sense… Don’t you...