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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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I’m heading to the John R. Milton Writer’s Conference…

…And I could use your help. My compadres and I are not rich. The conference is being held in Vermillion, South Dakota, Oct. 27-29, and I’m going to be discussing progressive blogging in one of the reddest states in the country. Presenting with me are Mike Shay, Jeran Artery, and Rodger McDaniel. Our presentation is scheduled for that Saturday at 10:30 AM and is called “Snarky Slacktivists or Online Outlaws? Leftie Blogging in Red State Wyoming.”

Here’s a bit about us, courtesy of Mike Shay:

"The four bloggers in this proposal are not the state’s only outspoken progressives, but they represent voices unheard in Wyoming’s mainstream media. They have been active in Democratic Party politics, and one has served in the legislature as a Democrat. But they are not party functionaries. They often find themselves at odds with a party structure that is timid in the face of Republican onslaughts. It may be a stretch to label them "virtual outlaws." But they do represent voices that fall into four of your suggested conference categories: Outlaw as Other; Gender outlaws, and/or queering the American West; Borders, border crossings, and boundary transgressions; Virtual outlaws, and/or outlaws in the “new frontier” of cyber-space

In our roundtable session, we will speak about our prog-blogging journeys. It will include a multimedia presentation of our work. All of us will be blogging from the conference.


Jeran Artery, Cheyenne, blogs at Out in Wyoming, LGBT activist and Director of Social Change for Wyoming Equality, actor and visual artist, a native of Wheatland in very conservative Platte County, Wyo.

Meg Lanker, Laramie, blogs at Cognitive Dissonance, and hosts a radio show by the same on KOCA FM every Friday night. Meg brought a successful lawsuit against the University of Wyoming when it refused to let 1960s radical turned education reformer Bill Ayers speak on campus. She also organized a fund-raiser for LGBT groups when ultra-conservative commentator Ann Coulter spoke in Laramie earlier this year. She’s a member of the National Writers Union. Her web site is included in Tumblr’s featured politics and government directory and her site has over 3,000 followers.

Rodger McDaniel, Cheyenne, former Wyoming state legislator, one-time director of Habitat for Humanity in Nicaragua, retired director of Wyoming Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division, ordained minister, Blowing in the Wyoming Wind blogger. Sponsors a Monday night “Beer and Bibles” get-together each week at a Cheyenne bar where Bible stories are explored from a social justice angle. Rodger is a frequent guest columnist for the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle.

Michael Shay, Cheyenne, fiction writer, essayist and blogger on hummingbirdminds since 2005. One of Michael’s short stories is featured in the 2010 anthology “Working Words: Punching the Clock and Kicking Out the Jams” from Coffee House Press. Other poets, writers and musicians in the anthology include new U.S. Poet Laureate Phil Levine, Wanda Coleman, Diane DiPrima, Bob Dylan, Eminem, Li-Young Lee, Dorothy Day and Daniel Berrigan. One of Michael’s essays is in “Easy to Love but Hard to Raise,” due out in November from DRT Press. Michael’s blog was recently named by the Washington Post as one of the top state-based political blogs in the U.S.”

Again, I thank you. I know times are tough and cash is tight, but even if you can throw down $5, that’s nearly a fifth of a tank of gas for me. Even if you can’t contribute, please, share your thoughts about why you read this site, and if you wish, share the link for donations too.



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