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Rick Perry's Spectacular Fall From Grace

It is quite epic:

Just to recap, in less than two months Rick Perry has:

  1. Suggested that maybe Ben Bernanke should be lynched.
  2. Declined to back off his contention that Social Security is an unconstitutional Ponzi scheme.
  3. Called climate change a “contrived phony mess" that was cooked up by scientists who have "manipulated data so that they will have dollars rolling in to their projects."
  4. Pissed off the conservative base by defending his decision to (in Michele Bachmann’s immortal words) give “government injections" to "innocent little 12-year-old girls." Said Perry condescendingly: "What I don’t get is what parents don’t understand about an opt out."
  5. Further pissed off the conservative base by suggesting that if you disagree with his policy on in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, “I don’t think you have a heart.”
  6. Mangled a prepackaged debate attack on Mitt Romney so badly, and then followed up with a statement on Pakistan so inscrutable, that even his supporters started to wonder if he has a three-digit IQ.
  7. Proposed that U.S. troops should be used to fight Mexican drug lords. In Mexico.
  8. Had to defend himself against revelations that his family leases a hunting spot called “Niggerhead.”

Should we start taking bets on how much longer Rick Perry lasts? I think he’ll hold out until the first primaries, personally. What’s shocking to me is the defense of the Perry family from supporters. From the original Washington Post article:

"It’s just a name," said Haskell County Judge David Davis, sitting in his courtroom and looking at a window. "Like those are vertical blinds. It’s just what it was called. There was no significance other than as a hunting deal."

If Perry continues, I have a feeling he’ll be just a name shortly as well - some failed governor that flamed out spectacularly while running for the presidential nomination. 

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