Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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We sat four rows back, stage right. Wished I hadn’t, as her profile was a little distracting at times. Her clothes were formfitting to a real slender frame, consisting of a white clingy top and black tight bottoms. Coulter was fit, not thin. She didn’t flick her hair as much as she does on TV; that must be a nervous tick from the cameras glare.

I worried that the five young women sitting behind us would become unruly, based on their comments during the wait. Ms. Coulter either converted them, or they were talking “smack”; I think that’s the ‘hood term. I had time to consider a strategy, but nothing profound came to mind, other than peeing on them. Figured that would get me a charge of exposure, or child-whatever, so I dropped that idea.

Skip Eshelman reminiscing about Ann Coulter’s visit in Liberty’s Torch, the newest addition to Wyoming’s press.

I’m a little disturbed by his description of Coulter - It’s ready made for the men’s version of Harlequin Romance. However, I’m more disturbed by his venture into racistville with the comment regarding peeing on the girls using a “‘hood term.”

I know the girls he’s referencing with his bizarre statement about how he was considering “peeing on” them. Apparently, this older guy sitting in front of them kept talking about “hood speak” and how if “those people” couldn’t control themselves, they shouldn’t be allowed in school. I just messaged his pic from the paper to one of the girls. She said it was him. 

You know, I’d say “Get the fuck out of my state” like so many conservatives have said to me, but I’d really like Skip to stay. He makes our liberal causes so much easier to pursue when his idea of a “profound strategy” is literally peeing on women he believes to be liberal. Love how the potential charges are the only thing that kept him from doing it… he’ll claim he’s joking, I know, but reading the whole thing makes me wonder if he’s not.

So please, Skip. Do stay.

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