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Two lesbian youth found dead in Orangeville - Latest News Roundup



The bodies of girlfriends Jeanine Blanchette, 21, and Chantal Dube, 17, were found in a wooded area in Orangeville on Saturday. 

After ruling out foul play and a connection to a high-profile murder in September, police are investigating the possibility of a double suicide, reports CTV (watch the video for more details).

The Toronto Star has more:

The tragic story began on Tuesday [Sept 28] when two friends received “goodbye” phone calls from Jeanine and Chantal and reported them to police. The young women also left behind goodbye letters to family members.

Jeanine’s mother Ellen Blanchette said the police responded quickly that day, but then didn’t take their concerns seriously as the week progressed. Instead, Ellen said, Orangeville police and OPP seemed to think the young women had run away.

On Sept 29, Jeanine’s mother drove to her daughter’s apartment, where she found receipts for hundreds of antipsychotic pills, reportsThe Star.

Discussion about queer youth suicide has swelled in recent weeks, in the wake of six reported cases in the United States. Determined to reach out, columnist Dan Savage has created a viral video campaignto let queer youth know that it gets better.

omfg. this is horrible.

Goddamn. Please. It gets better. It really does. Please believe it does. No more.

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