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Did Joe Paterno break the law?

From Sports Illustrated:

While Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly says that her office won’t file charges against Joe Paterno for not reporting the alleged child sexual abuse by former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, the 84-year-old coach could eventually face criminal charges for perjury, obstruction of justice and violating the state’s Child Protective Services Law. Paterno could also become a defendant in civil lawsuits filed by Sandusky’s alleged victims. Those lawsuits could allege that Paterno negligently failed to prevent a third party with whom he had a supervisory relationship (Sandusky) from committing abuse.

Perjury and Obstruction of Justice

Under Pennsylvania law, as in other jurisdictions, perjury refers to knowingly lying while under oath. Obstruction of justice describes interference with the administration of justice, such as by concealing evidence or delaying or frustrating a criminal investigation. While Paterno has thus far escaped these criminal charges, his statements and behavior suggest that he remains vulnerable to them. That is particularly evident when considering troubling inconsistencies between Paterno’s testimony to the grand jury that investigated Sandusky and the testimony of Penn State assistant Mike McQueary.

I encourage the supporters of Joe Paterno to read this article right this goddamn second.

h/t to jamdizzle for the find

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