Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Anonymous asked: If your going to make fun of Twilight, I have to unfollow. Those books saved my life and made me believe in love again. Don't be a snob. I now have an incredible bf I would die for and it's because I believed in love. There's snark and then there's tearing apart someone's reason to live. I totally understood Bella, okay? AND SHE IS A REAL CHARACTER!!

Seriously, I would think someone was punking me if I didn’t just lose a follower. 

I’m tired, so I’ll let others explain. If you are unfollowing me because I really, truly despise Twilight:

funny GIFs - NPH is never out of the success zone

How old are you? And how does that book make you believe in true love?

Here’s a helpful guide. And another one.

That said, if you sympathize with Bella, I hope it’s not because you have a similar boyfriend to hers. Bella IS an empty character who spends all her time moping, trying to get Edward to make her a vampire [SPOILER ALERT: That’s an abstinence metaphor!], sighing over how perfect Edward is, or whining because she can’t see Edward.

Yeah, but not really. The hostility I have towards these books is very simple: It’s full of glittery abuse and domestic violence, plus it’s written so poorly, I’m convinced it was published just to see if anyone would buy it. Stephanie Meyer needs to forget shift+F7 ever existed.

Those books aren’t love. They’re about sparkling, stalking vampires who play baseball and are afraid of sex. It’s over 2,000 pages of misogyny and abuse.

And I’m spent. 

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  1. cheeborg said: Twilight is awful. Edward is a possessive sociopath controlling whine twerp. So Vampires are ruined right out of the gate. Bella is an empty brainless shell. The books and the movies are awful. Seriously.
  2. babywipesenthusiast2 said: I love you for this. If I could follow you again I would. I have a friend, who just turned 25 that told me she loves the books but is sad no one would ever love her like Ed. loved Bella. It was so hard not to smack her in the damn face. PATHETIC!
  3. chickenbonewatt said: just……..Wow. Saved her life?? Believe in love again?? What pray tell could ruin love only to be defeated by supernatural creatures treating a woman like crap??
  4. hissingbooth said: I will follow you twice for this. That was amazing.
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