Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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sheepdean asked: Losing a twilight fan is the best thing that can happen to someone. Congratulations.

Why thank you. I tried to read the books because some of my friends were raving about them. Couldn’t do it. Somewhere, near Stephanie Meyer’s house, a┬áthesaurus┬álies beaten - that is the worst kind of writing.

So I tried listening to them on audio book. I will never forget how freaked out I was by the birthing scene and the message that having sex once, JUST ONCE YOU DIRTY WHORE, can flat out kill you.

Thanks to this anon, I’m about to post more shit about why Twilight sucks.

And thanks to my marvelous followers who are posting replies. You all rule the universe :)

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  1. alchemistique said: I’m really, honest to god hoping that anon was a troll. And yet somehow, I know it’s probably not.
  2. blacksheepboy- said: Your reply to that twilight-fanperson was why I posted that bella meme thing. ;p
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