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Occupy Denver Supporter Ticketed For Honking At Protesters

A well-known attorney said the police in Denver are going too far in their response to the Occupy Denver protests.

David Lane said that includes one man who was cited for honking his car horn in a show of support for the protesters.

Protesters told CBS4 Stan Bush they believe police in Denver are starting to take the protest personally. They claim officers are focusing on minor issues because of a grudge.

Lane is a great attorney and a champion of civil liberties. I should know - he was my attorney in my suit against the University of Wyoming. Here’s details and a copy of the filing on behalf of Occupy Denver. Lane’s taking a broader approach than just the honking: 

​In contrast, he feels he has plenty of options in regard to filing an injunction. Over the weekend, the Denver Post reported that Lane’s actions were spurred by TV station pieces about ticketing for honks in support of Occupy Denver - items that followed Westword staffer Kelsey Whipple’s coverage of that subject and a previous offering about citations for people who pull over to drop off donations. But Lane’s efforts are broader than that.

"We’re going after three, and possibly four, issues in this lawsuit," he reveals. "One is honking. One is ticketing people who stop to give money, food or clothing. The third is going after people who put any items down on the sidewalk in this five-foot swath that the police say has to be completely clear. And we’re looking into whether or not we can go after the curfew in the park. It’s absurd that after 11 p.m., if anyone sets one foot in the park, they get arrested and everyone’s got to stay on the sidewalk at that point."

In addition, Lane has a strong point of view on the question of whether or not the Occupy Denver tents banned by the DPD constitute speech. “If you look back through this country’s history, back to the bonus army that marched on Washington in the Depression era, tents have long been part of protest,” he notes. “A tent is a symbol that ‘we’re in this for the duration. We’re not going away.’ So it is a form of speech.”

I wish Occupy Denver and the attorneys of Killmer, Lane, & Newman the best and thank them for their dedication to free speech. I’ll be following this case closely.

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