Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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  3. moreorlessbian said: GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Good luck! I’ll be right there with you, across an ocean, taking the same damn thing. IT SHALL BE CONQUERED.
  5. donkeyhot said: Good luck! Just remember to keep calm (well, and carry on). (I really enjoy you blog, by the way. :))
  6. gaynessandgeekery said: Having read the unassailable logic of your tumblr page, I can’ t think that the LSAT will be any more than a minor bump along your road to success.
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    The first time I took it, I was under a ton of stress and panicking. I hadn’t slept the night before, had just taken...
  8. nemophilablues said: Good luck, lady! I’ve been there. It’s awful, but you’re awesome and you’ll get through it and do well :)
  9. kevindrakewriter said: Are you drinking 4 Loko?
  10. mohandasgandhi said: Good luck! It’s not that bad. If you studied a lot of logic it’ll be a BREEZE.
  11. seanmchair said: Good luck!!!
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    Good Luck!
  13. sinidentidades said: I’m sure you can kick its ass! Love your blog, dear. [hugs]
  14. dre-uhs said: Good luck!
  15. bulletinaweave said: Supposedly if you sleep with a book beneath your pillow, it will help you absorb the information. I alternately think this may apply to falling asleep on a desk with material on it, but I’m not sure.
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    It really wasn’t that hard. Just make sure you have enough pencils, make sure your erasers work, the logic puzzles will...
  18. america-wakiewakie said: I’m curious. The LSAT, where you a polly sci major or something closer to English? I started out intending to attend law school but meh, after studying Constitutional development case by case the past few semesters I got pretty disinterested.
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    My roommate is taking the LSAT as well. I’ve been helping her study. I hope you do well!!!
  20. thepoliticalfreakshow said: Hope you do awesome on the LSAT!! Enjoying reading your blog!!