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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Wyoming topples Idaho from red state pinnacle

So, this isn’t the part that has me the most pissed off. Here’s what really offended and enraged me:

Wyoming GOP Chairwoman Diana Vaughan said the result was heartening. “We’re the last of the Old West and people don’t want the long arm of government coming here,” she said. “But I just have to laugh at this because everyone is now trying to vie for the title of ‘most Republican.’ We won.”

Vaughan also gets a kick out of the four sad-sack Senate Democrats and 10 House Democrats having to cover 12 committees in each chamber. “They don’t even have enough to do all the committees,” she said, laughing. “Sorry. They’re going to be very busy over there.”

Yeah, roughly 30-35% of the state is completely underrepresented in our state government. Hilarious. Hysterical even. I wouldn’t be as disgusted if the Wyoming Democratic Party wasn’t so moderate. 

And there’s this:

Wyoming’s voters stepped forward to ensure that the events of November 2, 2010, will be remembered as one of Wyoming’s most historic political events.

Nationally, the American people have taken the important step to fire Nancy Pelosi. Immediately following the 2008 presidential election, Democrats simply stopped listening to the American people. Democrats supported deficit spending and pushed for higher taxes. They stole the American dream. [Emphasis mine]

Oh, Diana. You left some out. You think Democrats are stealing the American Dream of Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing, Republican, Straight, White, American Males. It’s rare that I am truly offended by shit, but damn. This is straight up arrogant and immature. 

I’m going to go smoke now. See you in two years

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