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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Taken from the Honest Girl Scouts campaign. For a campaign trying to get people /not/ to buy cookies and /not/ support the GSUSA, this is doing an awful lot to suddenly make me want /to/ support the GSUSA. (and I’m saying this a a former Girl Scout of about 6 years who hasn’t bought cookies in years because they’re too expensive). 

I see so much acceptance here, and especially in a time in children’s lives where acceptance is so important, taking that away from them is just cruel.

I love the Girl Scout organization.

I was a Brownie through Senior Girl Scout, even when my Senior troop in high school was reduced to just me and one other girl b/c it just wasn’t that cool. I went to Girl Scout camp every summer, took trips w/ my troop (most memorable being to Idaho w/ a thousand other Girl Scouts), earned badges, held all positions (secretary, treasurer, vice president, and president) in my troop over the years and then I became a co-troop leader when my old leader went on to set up a Brownie troop. (and let me tell you, that shit looks good on applications when you’re just coming out of high school.)

Girl Scouts taught me a lot about people and I just want to encourage everyone to look into helping a troop. whether it’s by buying cookies, or just donating what you can (Girl Scout cookie stands accept donations or if you can’t eat the cookies, you can purchase a box to be donated to someone else). volunteering or looking into becoming a leader/co-leader or if you’re young enough, look into joining! OR IF YOU HAVE KIDS, LOOK INTO FINDING THEM A LOCAL TROOP. when you find a good troop, it’s a blast. I mean that truly and sincerely, I am still friends with people from my old troops and I have nothing but good memories of Girl Scouting.

SO I KNOW THOSE COOKIES ARE EXPENSIVE ($4 a box, I think it’s up to now?) but 70% of that profit—the proceeds not used to pay the baker—go to the local Girl Scout council and yes, each troop gets a portion of that.

COOKIE SEASON STARTS TOMORROW in most places so go find your local troops and support an incredibly worthy cause!

and wow, I’m sorry for the word vomit, but I grew up in Girl Scouting and I hate to think that some people think it’s not a good group to support. I think any organization whose ultimate goal is to help and educate all girls is the best kind of organization to put your money and/or time into.

I never needed incentive to buy Girl Scout cookies. But now I can buy them with 100% good feelings about their organization and their causes. Way to go Scouts!!


29 days ‘til cookie season in Laramie, Wyo. Buying lots o’ cookies.

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    This is awesome. It’s that time of year for Girl Scout cookies, go out and buy a bunch.
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    And suddenly, I’m proud once again to have been a Girl Scout
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