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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Sarah Palin’s Brand of ‘Feminism’ More Popular With Men Than Women



Sarah Palin’s Brand of ‘Feminism’ More Popular With Men Than Women

I wonder why…

Palin peddles a shallow narcissism dressed in ‘empowering’ feminist language.

Listen up, all you champions of women’s rights, Sarah Palin has a message for you. All that stuff about equal pay, controlling your own body, putting an end to domestic violence and rape: that’s a whole lotta tired old hooey. There’s a new feminism afoot, a feminism that’s moved beyond the issues of economic justice and your right not to be beaten and violated, and it’s all about Sarah.

In her new book, America By Heart, Palin takes aim at the feminists who blazed the trail to political agency that Palin now walks, accusing Hillary Clinton of “bra-burning militancy” and Gloria Steinem and second-wave feminists of obsession with domestic violence and rape.

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This woman would not know feminism if it crept up behind her and yelled “boo!” - And then subsequently explained all the things Sarah enjoys now (like running for national office and having a career without anyone having the right to tell her to stay home and take care of her five kids, one with special needs, because that’s what women do). I wonder if she’s ever realized that the kind of “feminism” she’s espousing would lead to her knowing her place, getting back in the kitchen and making a sandwich for Todd, while keeping her mouth shut and not being more famous or making more money than him - that’s the picture I see from “conservative feminism.”

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    This woman would not know feminism if it crept up behind her and yelled “boo!” - And then subsequently explained all the...
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    Wow. Just wow. I can’t stand Sarah Palin.
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    Words cannot describe how much I HATE Sarah Palin.
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    Sarah Palin I wish you had met Mary Daly while she were still alive. I can only imagine how the universe would’ve...
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    This doesn’t surprise me.
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    Its not shocking men like Palin more than women. I noticed the only person advocating for Palin was my one uncle. All...
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