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Romney Losing His Mojo After Caucus, Primary Losses to Santorum

Howard Kurtz takes an interesting look at why the GOP is continuing to push for anyone-but-Romney as their 2012 candidate. One question remains: Did Romney EVER have mojo?

An excerpt:

Romney is still the likely nominee, of course, but these and other GOP analysts are saying for the first time that Santorum has a shot. They see him as having eclipsed Newt Gingrich, whose fortunes have sagged since his brief, shining moment in South Carolina.

Given that Romney was coming off solid wins in Florida and Nevada, his vote totals on Tuesday were stunningly weak, even if social conservatives form the backbone of the electorate in the three states.

As Ron Brownstein points out in National Journal, Romney got 25,900 votes in winning the Minnesota caucuses four years ago; this time, in finishing third, he won only 8,090. The same pattern held in the Colorado caucuses, which Romney won last time with 42,218 votes; on Tuesday he finished second with 22,875. And he drew just over a third as many votes in Missouri’s beauty contest as in 2008.

With Newt claiming he’s taking this to the convention, it’s looking less like a primary cycle, and more like the GOP’s last stand.

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