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The Vagina Monologues + the premiere of The Wyoming Monologues


The Vagina Monologues are returning to the University of Wyoming on Feb. 24th and 25th at 7 PM at the Education Auditorium. This is marvelous, but there’s something even more fantastic: It will also feature the premiere of The Wyoming Monologues on February 25th at 9 PM.

I’m sharing this for two reasons: It’s awesome, and I HAVE A FEATURED MONOLOGUE! It was one of ten chosen. My monologue, “Going Hungry,” is fifth on the list.

I’m wicked excited and would like to invite my followers to attend. It’s at the University of Wyoming Education Auditorium. You can view a campus map here or a Google map here. The other monologues are incredible. Several deal with GLBTQ issues and body image. I encourage those who can to attend. If you have a question or are attending, email me at I’ll post my monologue after the production. 

Please, if you can, come attend The Vagina Monologues at 7 PM and The Wyoming Monologues at 10 PM. It’s going to be spectacular. If you can’t, please share. The proceeds from this event will benefit 93.5 KOCA FM in Laramie (a bilingual, community station - and the one that houses my radio show) and Albany County SAFE Project

Yay! Wyoming Monologues tonight!

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