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Wherein it’s easy to get jobs these days

Anonymous asked:

I’m tired of the debate about having a welfare state. If your poor, get a job. If you have a job and are still poor, get a better one. Community collage is cheap. There’s federal money to go to school. Walk into somewhere that’s hiring, fill out an application, and get a job. I’ve never failed to get a job when I need one.

Meg at Cognitive Dissonance:


And by that, I mean if it were that easy, we’d all be able to get jobs no problem. So you’ve always gotten a job? I have something for you:

Aren’t you proud? And it’s “college” — though a community collage could be fun! We’re living in an economic situation that’s marked by 5-6 applicants per open position. Even in times of economic prosperity, the unemployment rate is never zero. 

And yes, there IS federal money to go to school. It doesn’t cover tuition at many universities — even at maximum benefit. Also, you’re assuming someone can get into school and finish it. What about parents? What about those without a HS Diploma or GED? What about someone who’s been out of the labor market for a few years.

Your naïvety must be purposeful — I just can’t believe you think it’s that easy to find work. But thank you, Anon. I’m sure we all just didn’t get that it was that simple. I’ll let Charlie Kelly break it down for you:

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    Anonymous, please turn on a light. It’s hard to see with your head up your own ass.
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    ALL OF THIS. San Bernardino county, where I live, I’ve heard has the worst unemployment in the country. I’ve applied for...
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    I’ve been applying for a job at least three times a week since 2012 began. I think I know a little more about my...
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    ARGH! This bastard can easily get a job without knowing the difference between your and you’re? Or how to spell...
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    Places that are always hiring, are also places that like to pay at or near the minimum wage, and well, everyone knows...