Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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: What the hell do POC want?? I just don't get it.



Lets see, you have:

Affirmative Action which gives you an advantage over white people by discriminating against us.

You have a black President who was born in Kenya. This is a first for our country since all presidents HAVE TO BE born here in the…

Well, if everything’s so awesome for POC, I invite OP to take Tim Wise’s challenge and take a pill to make their skin appear black. It can be done. Thus far, nobody has taken him up on it. Tweet him at @timjacobwise to volunteer.

Do it, OP.

Find out how awesome your life will suddenly become. People just throw shit at your feet for being a POC.

Oh, they don’t? Life’s not a daily parade of free advantage by virtue of skin color? Oh, oops, I forgot… </sarcasm>

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    also lol “black president born in Kenya” no that was his father the guy in office now was born in Hawaii some time after...
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    The President was born in Hawaii, you asshole.
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    Christ, this blog still exists? Dude, he dropped out let it go
  9. dolphinstagram said: um. barack was born in hawaii and raised by only white family members. my housing is far from free and my parents pay taxes and have jobs just like everyone else. and im not bitter about slavery and dont need an apology for it.
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    What I believe would be helpful is a punitive action about frivolous/baseless/wrong discrimination complaints. Many...
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