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Breaking: Colorado House committee kills civil unions bill in special session

Disgusting. From Prop 8 Trial Tracker:

By a party-line 5-4 vote, Republican members of the Colorado House of Representatives State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee voted tonight to kill a civil unions bill during a special legislative session.  Although the bill passed three Republican-led committees with bipartisan support and was guaranteed passage in the full House had it been brought up for a vote in the regular session, House Republican leadership ran out the clock on the bill last week, denying a floor vote on it and 37 other bills.

Even though Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, a strong supporter of the legislation, called a special session in part so that the civil unions bill could receive a full vote on the House floor, House Speaker Frank McNulty condemned the bill to almost certain failure in the conservative State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. Republicans on the committee who opposed the measure frequently described it today as a “gay marriage bill,” rather than the civil unions legislation that it actually was.

Democrats plan to make the Republicans’ obstructionism a center-point of their electoral strategy in the fall. What has taken place in the last two weeks in Colorado is truly appalling: no bill that enjoys majority support should be forced to pass four different committees, and no bill should be sent to a specific committee as a strategy to kill it off. We can only hope that this blatant political gamesmanship has some effect on the chamber’s make-up after the November election.

Colorado Republicans, I am very disappointed.

Voters of Colorado, remember this: These few ultra-conservatives thought it better that the state legislature and the governor bow to their personal beliefs, and that it was better they supersede the majority of Colorado’s citizens, the governor, and their colleagues, because of their own biases.

Remember this in November and vote accordingly. 

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    Now try to go for marriage equality, because civil unions? Not fucking good enough.
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    Surprised that anyone thought different of GOP anti-gay bigots. Once a bully, always a bully!!
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