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Anonymous asked: I know you didn't mean anything harmful by it, but "derpy" is ableist language.

I’m opening this to reader comment. In context, I was referring to one of my cats with a goofy look on his face.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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  1. davincisbarber said: Most definitely not ableist.
  2. politeyeti said: Not only is it ableist, but a lot of your followers are assholes.
  3. flufflogic said:… - so, no it’s not. It was a silly throwaway term used in Baseketball. So, anon is wrong.
  4. ideologyglasses said: This is what we call an overreaction.
  5. uless said: That’s absurd. Rabid eagerness to find any kind of “-ism” where there isn’t is also harmful to the demographic you feel is being targeted. Knock it off. Derp.
  6. jsenum said: I guess if I was Rob Scneider, I would use Anon to hide my identity too.
  7. mallowtree said: But how is “goofy” any less offensive than “derp”, “duh”, or “dur”?
  8. the-capm said: Should it be up to the majority to decide if it’s oppressive or not? Check with disability bloggers to see if they find it abelist. It’s just as easy to use “goofy” in place of “derpy”.
  9. gahmani said: Still ableist, I get the context but intentions don’t erase what the word itself means and it comes from a place of comparing “normal” people to “retarded” people and/or making fun of “retarded” people.
  10. a-great--perhaps said: Words like “derp,” “duh,” “dur” stem from gross, ableist ideas of noises that mentally disabled folks make. I’m not sure how people don’t get that. Also, should it matter what the majority thinks, or should it matter that it’s a word that hurts some?
  11. randomactsofchaos said: To me, derp = duh. Is “duh” ableist?
  12. huskerlaw said: I don’t think so. It’s something of an onomatopoeia…the “d’oh” sound you make when you do something absentminded or flighty. To me, it has nothing whatsoever to do with mental disability.
  13. therealsurferrosa said: What does ‘ableist’ even mean? Prejudiced against the able? And your cat does look derpy… as everyone does sometimes ;)
  14. toseethemfly said: 'Derp' wasn't originally used in context of ableism. However internet memes have associated it with facial expressions similar to those of the disabled. LiveJournal users then strove to quell this seemingly offensive term by insisting on its ableism.
  15. tortacular said: I’ve always seen it presented as a throwaway term to mean someone just did or said something stupid.
  16. erikaoftroy said: Everything is always something-ist. Whatever.
  17. quantumstarlight said: I have seen a lot of people say it’s ableist, yes.
  18. gym-gypsy said: As though one word insults an entire people. As far as I’m aware, the definition of derpy is “lacking in intelligence”. So, those with mental handicap lack in intelligence? You, anon, are insulting those with mental handicaps.
  19. archbishopmctwitch said: Yeah, it is. It has crept in in the same way that dumb and stupid have, but it was still originally meant as an insult to people with developmental disabilities. See: Derpy Hooves of MLP
  20. seltaire said: no
  21. singingstoriesinthevoid said: It actually isn’t. “Derp” was literally a word made up to mean “something you say when you make a mistake.” There’s a lot of misunderstanding on it and honestly people overreact.
  22. smallercliffs said: No. It’s a stupid internet term.
  23. deeperdream said: I would disagree. “Derpy” to me doesn’t suggest disability, but absent-mindedness, a sort of distractability and klutziness. Everyone gets derpy.
  24. tehblackbirdisrunning said: I’ve seen someone else say that too. I don’t know.
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