Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Anonymous asked: Okay so calling people derpy is not cool. It's really mean that you prentend to be a caring person then call people derpy. It's just mean to talk about people's intelligences unless you're saying they're smart because that's a compliment. So don't be a bitch and call people derpy! Or goofy! Or stupid! Or silly! Its all ableist.


1. If you’re going to chastise me anon, I ask you get your facts straight. I did not call anyone derpy, nor am I advocating it. I said my cat had a derpy look on his face. Not justifying my comments, just clarifying the current discussion.

2. Calling me a bitch is not the most effective way to argue name-calling is mean.

3. So silly and goofy are ableist, and so are making any comments about intelligence unless it’s praise… Now I’m honestly just completely lost.

Thoughts, folks?

  1. dayhate said: dont be a bitch and say silly LOL
  2. somuchdependsupon said: "GOOFY" is ableist? Oh dear god.
  3. mallowtree said: Everyone needs to stop being jerks, regardless of their position. I think it’s fine to point out the origin of a word in a polite & educational way, but I think it’s also important to recognize that language is fluid& it’s impossible to police it.
  4. gym-gypsy said: Silly is ableist? Seriously? These are obviously those people that get offended if you use any word that can be misconstrued as insulting to a particular minority, even if it’s not being used that way.
  5. britneysnewurl said: This anon if full of nonsense. Calling people goofy or silly is offensive? REALLY? Keep doing what you’re doing, I love your blog :)
  6. listofnow said: I’m really tired of the tumblr police with language. the derp thing was some kind of viral myth that keeps coming back and biting everyone in the ass. it has to stop. I’m a person who (tries) to be careful + considerate w/words, this is too much.
  7. elstupacabra said: Also, “silly” originally meant happy, so…
  8. kevindrakewriter said: First amendment baby. Suck it.
  9. hissingbooth said: I think this person is just against abelism in general and is trying to show, “look EVERYTHING is ablelist! Therefore the idea as a whole is faulty, I’m so edgey!,” when that’s totally not the case.
  10. zeetheus said: It’s fine to feel uncomfortable about being called derpy, or someone being called that, but this is a bit much. Chill, anon.
  11. hagravens said: Somebody needs to learn not to take everything so personally.
  12. syntheticbaeddel said: I choose to believe that anon is an example of Poe’s law, because I refuse to believe that someone can be that moronic. And yeah, calling someone out for being stupid when they are =/= making fun of someone who’s mentally disabled
  13. thesoapboxschtick said: "Stupid" isn’t ableist. It was never used to describe/slur mentally challenged people. "Bitch" however is offensive, much more so than "derpy."
  14. overratedunderwhelmed said: Just think of derpy as a newer version of the “r” word. Because that’s really what it is to a lot of disabled folks. And I think a lot of this post was meant to be witty or sarcastic, just didn’t quite succeed.
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