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My email to Ariz. Secretary of State Ken Bennett

You know the Secretary of State in Arizona who’s demanding Obama’s birth certificate to certify him for the ballot? I thought I’d give him some helpful suggestions via email:

[Image text pasted below] 

[Image Text: Dear Mr. Bennett,

I imagine it can be difficult when you have constituents like Sheriff Joe Arpaio pressuring you to make sure that brown-skinned guy in the White House is really allowed to be president. And then when it appears he really is allowed to serve, well, I bet all hell breaks loose, right? I mean, Sheriff Joe makes a hullabaloo with his report a few weeks ago, stirs even more folks up, and I am sure you just thought, “Why not compromise? Why not send that $5 money order? It’ll make ‘em shut up.”

Well, you gave in to the fringes of this great country. They now own you - or at least they think they do. This is one of many requests I imagine the birther faction will make. Why not verify Mitt Romney? After all, folks just sued in California this March questioning Romney’s eligibilityhis dad DID spend time in MexicoRomney’s claimed several states as his home… Is that not suspicious enough? [Note: I’m being sarcastic, sir, but fair IS fair.]

May I make a suggestion?

Buy these in bulk: [Image of a coffee mug featuring a picture of Barack Obama, Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and the text ‘Made in the USA’]

You can purchase them here. I propose these mugs are a better use of taxpayer dollars in Arizona than kowtowing to the birthers who will likely demand further investigation.

It’s much simpler, too. One of them walks in to your office, your administrative assistant hands them a mug. One of them calls your office, your administrative assistant sends them a mug via USPS. One of them faxes you, well, you get the idea.

I cannot believe a man such as yourself is able to buy into the inherent racism of the birthers and would lack the spine to them no, the White House has already released Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and you can view it online. I pray this was only a momentary lapse of judgment. Right?

Meg Lanker-Simons
Editor, Cognitive Dissonance

If you’d like to email Ken Bennett, his email is I’ll post a response if I get one.

I’m sick of this shit.

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