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Obama directs that wildland firefighters be offered health insurance

President Barack Obama has directed federal officials to offer seasonal firefighters the option of purchasing federal health insurance coverage, White House officials told The Denver Post Tuesday.

The temporary seasonal workers who descend into fire zones are usually young people who work sundry outdoor jobs, depending on the season. Some pick up contract work removing trees in the fall or they work at ski areas in the winter. Many are college students.

But because they are not full-time U.S. Forest Service employees, they previously did not have the option of purchasing federal health insurance.

Under a directive that will be made in the “near future” from the Office of Personnel Management, this group will get that option by the end of this month, White House officials said.

I had no idea they were not eligible. Thank you to the Obama Administration for taking care of our first responders in this regard. Now, let’s work to make it more affordable. 

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    Don’t want it . I’d rather not have insurance then have it ran by the gov. I’ll manage . I’m a wild land fire lighter...
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    and this is part of the reason why President Obama is quite wonderful in my opinion.
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    yeah, good idea…because right now if this were to happen their paycheck would be about 2 dollars a week.
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    One of my best friend’s cousins was a wildland firefighter who was killed in a helicopter crash a few years ago. This...
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  18. ehnotsomuch said: How human.
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  20. eidolonwithme said: Seasonal and temporary federal employees are not eligible for health insurance, even out of pocket. I’ve worked as a “temp” scientist for past 2 years - no insurance. But I’m stoked that firefighters are getting the option ‘cause they def deserve it
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    Good to know Someone will do the right thing!!!!!