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Churches take their message to taverns

I’m friends with Rodger and he’s a cool dude. He’s also the leader of “Bibles and Beer” — check it out:

In Cheyenne, McDaniel’s group began last year with Genesis and has just worked its way through Exodus. He says he has been surprised and pleased that people of all faiths have become regular attendees, and that broad mixture has broadened discussions.

As an example, he says he recently told the group he’d like to skip a section of Exodus on God’s instructions in tabernacle-building, a passage he says Christians often see as “intense and boring.” Regular Jewish attendees told him, “Oh, no, you want to go through that.” What followed, he says, was “this incredible discussion” about whether houses of worship should be functional and sparse, or ornate and inspiring.

One of the Jewish attendees, Jason Bloomberg, says he would not have automatically thought of a bar for a Bible study, but he says the “genius of Rodger’s choice is that you can reach out to people not comfortable in a typical faith setting.”

"My theory is based on a very old Jewish saying: ‘Where do you find God? Where you let God in,’ " Bloomberg says.

Mohamed Salih, a retired junior college dean and leader in the Southeast Wyoming Islamic Center, attends almost every week, and he often draws parallels between the Quran and the Bible.

"I strongly believe in interfaith dialogue, and discussion and conversation is how we are going to come together as Americans and people of different faiths," he says.

McDaniel says he got questions in the beginning from people concerned about associating alcohol with the Bible. His answer: “Jesus didn’t change wine into water.”

Find Rodger’s blog here. He’s a progressive minister with a great point of view.

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