Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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politicaljas asked: I live in Colorado less then 20 mins. away from Aurora I have friends who friends that were in the theater that the gunman came into. Wouldn't you think 13 years after Columbine and all the school shootings that have happened in Colorado, there would be stricter gun laws here so this could not happen?


But the pro-gun lobby is well-funded and gun control has become the third rail of American politics.

You’ll hear the argument that criminals will still get guns. Yes, they will. It doesn’t mean we have to make it easier.

At some point, we have take a larger look than gun control. I would argue that should be first and foremost — how have we become a culture where mass shootings seem to happen with such regularity, and other countries with similar rates of gun ownership do not have the same events happen?

However, I would like to know how James Holmes was able to amass gas canisters, a bulletproof vest, explosives, and an automatic arsenal without raising the alarm of someone. I think that’s a question we must consider. There’s scary implications on both sides — at what point do we sacrifice freedom for security, or security for freedom?

I hope your friends are okay and that you are as well.

- Meg

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  1. gaygirladvice said: this is the most thoughtful statement on gun control and the aurora shooting that i’ve read - everyone else i know is too busy going “liberals this” or “conservatives that”, so thank you
  2. politicaljas said: But, to add on it’s been nearly three decades since John Hinkley Jr. bought a gun at a Colorado pawn shop and attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan. Why it is so easy for mentally unstable people to get guns…baffles me.
  3. contentment-of-cats said: Someone once said in reply to ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.’ “It would be a lot hard to for people to kill people if they had to throw the bullets.”
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