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Mitt Romney Campaign Scraps $50,000 Per Plate Jerusalem Fundraiser On A Jewish Fasting Day

Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has been forced to scrap a $50,000 per plate fundraiser scheduled to take place during his visit to Jerusalem because the date coincided with a solemn Jewish day of mourning.

The fundraiser, which was supposed to be a “a small meeting, but a big fund-raiser,” according to a source quoted in the Jerusalem Post on Wednesday, was set to take place on July 29, amid the Romney campaign’s first foreign policy tour.

But July 29 is also Tisha B’Av, a Jewish day of fasting in some traditions of the religion, in which catastrophic events like the destruction of the First and Second Temples and the Holocaust are mourned.


Jonny Daniels, a leading Republican political strategist in Israel, told The Huffington Post that the campaign had been aware of the date of the holiday when it scheduled the fundraiser. The campaign thought it could hold the event in a way that would not offend, he said, but was taken by surprise at the ferocity of the public outcry over the timing.

For fuck’s sake…

He’s trolling us now.

I still want the Israeli media to ask about the Mormon Church’s persistence in baptizing people postmortem, i.e. victims of the Holocaust.

And how could you hold it in a non-offensive way? I can’t…

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  2. jgreendc said: I think you wildly overstate this. A significant portion of Romney’s staff is composed of observant Jews
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    This isn’t simply a “mistake” or a “lack of sensitivity”. The right has been trying for several years to win over Jewish...
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    hoping to offend as many cultures as possible so...United States will be at
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    this man just continues to prove himself. what a fucktard.
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    Just keep it up, Mitt. Sooner or later, you’re going to offend white, Christian, male billionaires because you’ll have...
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    How can you hold it in a non-offensive way? Simple, you forget that you’re dealing with more than a block of voters.
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    …Wait. $50,000 a plate fundraiser in a FOREIGN NATION? So NON-AMERICANS can give him money to help him become President...
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    Oh come on! Surely someone on the other end should have said something before the last minute? I doubt that Mitt was...
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    "baptizing people postmortem" What. How do you convert someone to your religion who has ABSOLUTELY no say in the matter....
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    Well he definitely just lost the Jewish vote. Asshole.
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    …i have no words.
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    And the gold medal for most number of gaffes when trying to paint himself as a foreign policy expert is goes to…