Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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So...Victoria Foyt responded to the racist "accusations" by posting a note on her website. It's pretty disgusting.




Basically a typical White person’s one-dimensional take on race and racism.

Here’s a mini-rundown of everything that’s wrong with that note. I’m doing this so you don’t have to.

  • The bitch put blackface in quotes like the shit doesn’t exist.
  • She used the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” argument. (Pretty sure I can judge the shit out of your book when you put a white girl in BLACKFACE on the damn cover.)
  • She said, and I quote, “the premise is all too believable in the face of extreme global warming.” … The fuck?
  • Her explanation for the above statement: “If global warming results in a meltdown of the ozone layer many things would change, including the inability of those with little melanin in their skin to survive the blistering effects of increased deadly solar radiation. […] In Revealing Eden, “The Heat” (basically, skin cancer) wipes out the majority of people with light skin. Then people with dark skin are in the majority. In this future world, because those with fairer skin suffer a debilitating, perhaps fatal condition, they are considered second-rate.” …So white people will be oppressed because they get skin cancer. Right…
  • She also mentions that if the main character (the white bitch on the cover in blackface) doesn’t fine a “mate” by 18 she’ll be killed. Why will she be killed you ask? The fuck if I know! That shit doesn’t get explained.
  • She honestly believes that because her main character uses blackface because she “wishes” she was black and not to make fun of black people, that makes it a-ok. (Is you serious right now? You can’t wash away decades upon decades of historical context just because you wished really hard.)
  • She uses the term “blacks” instead of black people. (I AM NOT A GOD DAMN ADJECTIVE!)
  • Her explanation for the coals and pearls bs? “Imagine a gritty, post-apocalyptic world where all that matters is survival. What good will a pearl do you when luxury items have no use? Coal has energy, fire, and real value. It is durable and strong, not easily crushed like a pearl. Pearl is a pejorative term here. Coals are admired.” Once again, historical context homie! You can’t make that shit disappear just because you want it to.
  • She admits to turning the black love interest of her blackface wearing main character into “the first hybrid man-beast.” (Say it with me now kids: HISTORICAL CONTEXT! I mean shit, it’s not like black folks, more specifically black men, have been historically compared to and used like pack animals! FUCKING REALLY!)
  • In book two (yes there’s a god damn book two) she wants the blackface wearing bitch and her half-human/half-animal, walking stereotype of a black man to “restart the human race like Adam and Eve.”
  • She professes that she “abhors racism” and wished to “turn racism on its head in order to portray its horrors and its inevitable road to violence.” (…And you couldn’t do that without the blackface and stereotypes?)
  • She then goes on to gush about all the awards she’s won. (Those plaques on your wall don’t mean shit boo boo.)
  • She ends this clusterfuck with a quote from Emily Dickinson.

There you have it. Victoria Foyts bullshit all summed up in 13 points. I read it so you didn’t have to.

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