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On Boston and Chick-fil-A

 aheram replied to your quote: “Well, that calling for the boycott is a real —…

I support the boycott. Except, not once did you mention the thing that made this a BIG DEAL: Boston mayor’s attempt to legislate Chik-Fil-A out the city.

I linked to where I’ve been over this before. As I wrote:

And for those bitching about government interference, it’s called zoning. It’s why the government can regulate whether or not a Dildo Emporium can open next to a preschool or if it must exist outside the city limits. If a business wants to open and that business engages in practices that my town has a law against, say non-discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender, that could conceivably fall under a government’s right to deny business permits. Think about a bar wanting to open in a dry county.

Opening a business is not a “right” necessarily. I don’t necessarily agree with pushing the business out, but to argue that Boston is 100% wrong is also not correct. For example, Massachusetts has strong protections for GLBTQ people. The business itself engages in hiring practices that would likely violate state law. Should Boston allow them to open? Maybe. But that’s a matter for the government of Boston and Massachusetts to decide.

If you want to open a business, you have to apply for permits, which can be denied. In Laramie, liquor licenses have become a big deal, as well as someone who wanted to open a hookah bar. The hookah bar encountered difficulties because we have an indoor smoking ban with little exceptions.

In summary, Boston likely make a misstep with trying to ban them from the city with little explanation, but they are also likely within their rights to do so.



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  6. jujuwrites said: Mayor Menino actually sheepishly said there’s no way he can ban a Chick-Fil-A in Boston. The point of the letter was to show that the town was behind him in not supporting the company expanding into Boston, which is why there are no Wal-Marts around
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