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Lupe Fiasco sparks debate with new video for “Bitch Bad”

I’m curious what people think. Lupe Fiasco’s video includes men and women of color putting on blackface before a minstrel show with images from the 1930s projected in the background. A dedication at the end states the video is in memory of Paul Robeson and other black actors “who endured the¬†humiliation¬†of blackface.” The video itself is commentary on stereotypes in hip-hop, and how these affect young black children.

Is it effective? I would argue yes, though my point of view is always coming from a place of inherent white privilege. I can never know what it is like to grow up seeing women who look like me portrayed in that exact manner — rarely are white women portrayed similarly to women of color in a rap video. It reminds me of Bamboozled, which was directed by Spike Lee.

So I’m interested in other folks’ thoughts on this video: Effective, offensive, thought-provoking, etc?

But I swear, if I find someone howling about how it’s okay for Lupe to do blackface, but not for me and my lily-white frat bros, I will lose my shit.

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    Definitely shouldn’t be seen as offensive but it will be. The language will turn off the puritans who would actually...
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  5. sosporadic said: & regarding black face I think it’s acceptable for Lupe to do it because he did it a tasteful manner & he’s black so it’s not as edgy or pushing the line as compared to if a white person did it who knew nothing about it.
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