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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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I don’t own pearls, and other hazards of attending the RNC


Earlier, I wrote Liba, one of our Elections editors, for fashion advice, and she suggested convention fashion posts. So let’s roll…

Almost immediately after receiving confirmation I was going to the RNC, I briefly panicked. Why?

I don’t know how to dress like a Republican.

I keep thinking, “Well, you’re a member of the press. Expectations for you are lower…” But I don’t want to count on that. Plus, I want to look fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, I know how to dress myself. I can look pretty good. But I’ve been to Republican events in Wyoming where dress Wranglers are a thing, so my sense of the latest in GOPwear is skewed. Also, these kinds of events always make me feel somewhat awkward. I’m never concerned with clothes until I get around a group of fashionable people that I’m sure are judging me mercilessly. Then I feel like I’m attending the Oscars in a discarded bridesmaid dress from 1986.

But the convention is about politics, right?

Maybe I’ll just wear this:

I’ve relied on my friend Brody more than once for fashion advice. He always looks good, and he has an innate sense of style that I dig. I called him and told him I was going to the RNC. His first question: “OMG! What are you wearing?!” My reply: “Clothes?” He sighed and promised to help if I needed it. 

I decided to ask a local Republican what she thought. She asked me right away, “Do you own pearls?” I told her I did at one point but might have lost them. She said I should either find them, or borrow hers. I’m now traveling to the convention with pearls after she insisted, “You’ll need these.” She gave me a list of convention wear items:

  • Pencil Skirt
  • Polo shirt
  • Sleeveless, button-up blouse
  • Long sleeve blouse
  • Khakis
  • Blazer
  • Loafers
  • High heels, no higher than three inches
  • Pearls

The crossed-off items are what I don’t have. I finally decided that I’m wearing dressier clothes in which I feel comfortable. I’m definitely dressing more feminine than I typically do, for which my inner feminist is kicking me in the conscience. But I’m not changing my usual style much. I’m leaving one of my favorite t-shirts at home though:

Something tells me that it wouldn’t be well-received.

Instead, I got some floral wedges; a sequined-accented grey top; a watercolor-pattern, pastel and navy drape neck short-sleeve dress shirt; and navy, pencil-leg dress pants — all on the cheap. 

Oh, and I have the pearls. Is Barbara Bush going to be there? I want to see whose are bigger. 

- Meg

My latest on the Election blog about attending the RNC.

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