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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Mitt Romney Loses the Cowboy Vote, or the Launch of Pistol Pete 2012

Taking the UW shuttle this morning, I had the opportunity to eavesdrop on two cowboys (and veterinary science majors) discussing Mitt Romney’s 47% gaffe. This is why I carry a small notebook always:

1st cowboy: Did you know 47% percent of people don’t pay taxes? Moochers. That’s what Romney said this morning. If that’s real, then 47% of America needs to get off their lard asses.

2nd cowboy: Did you pay taxes this year? I didn’t. 

1st cowboy: No, but I’m a student. Like you.

2nd cowboy: Then Romney thinks you’re suckling the government tit. Freeloader.

1st cowboy: Am not.

2nd cowboy: According to Romney, yeah you are. 

1st cowboy: Fine. Shut your mouth. He’s lost my vote. He lost it a long time ago anyhow. 

2nd cowboy: Eh, Romney’s a prissy asshole. But I’m not voting for Obama. I can’t. Obama sucks.

He pauses.

2nd cowboy: Hold on. We should write in Pistol Pete!

1st cowboy: FUCK YEAH!

They high-five

Me: Wait. Is that a win or a fail for democracy?

1st cowboy: We gotta win something, right?! Pistol Pete 2012!

He’s right… our football team is 0-3 right now. For the record, meet Pistol Pete, the University of Wyoming mascot:

If it gets them to the ballot box, it’s a win. Right?


Maybe this one’s a draw…

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