Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

  1. epistolaefeminae said: tea of your choice (i like mint) with a shit ton of ginger (fresh), lemon, and honey. or decapitation.
  2. therealsurferrosa said: Chopped raw garlic (1 -2 cloves) swallow it whole and wash down with drink of your choice. Also, hot water, lemon juice and honey is good (brandy optional!) The garlic really helps but swallow it down or your breath will be horrible!
  3. waronidiocy said: whiskey
  4. ainteasybeinggreen said: There was a drink we servers swore by when we felt a cold coming on during my coffee shop days: Warmed orange juice with 3 squeezed lemon wedges, 3 lime, a tbsp or more of honey. You can spike it with whiskey if you want.
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    echinacea! It super powers your immune system. But also plenty of fluids, zinc, vitamin C.
  6. contentment-of-cats said: Sore throat: boil a sliced onion in one cup raw honey. One tablespoon every couple of hours. Cough: Hot lemonade with raw ginger and a shot up rum.
  7. ohmeursault said: Hot chicken soup - chicken broth, tomatoes, a metric shit ton of hot pepper flakes. Add lime juice if you’re so inclined. Also, grapefruit juice, cold-eze, and if it’s all too much- all the day/ny-quil.
  8. libellaswing said: Cold-eze cough drops work best for me
  9. celene said: liquid mucinex is a beautiful thing (plus lots of emergen-c)
  10. bogotana said: a clove of garlic (minced and swallowed w liquid if you prefer, followed by table spoon of raw honey. I know it’s gross, but it boosts your immune system. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. stfumras2 said: For the cough (if you have weezing or shortness of breath) look at the Buteyko method. I have asthma and it works well for me when I get bronchittis or a cold which aggravates it.
  12. face-down-asgard-up said: garlic, ginger, tea, mucinex. it’s the Holy Days so maybe some good Jewish chicken noodle soup if you can get your hands on it. fluids, fluids, fluids!
  13. nelliendm said: Soup with a ton of garlic in it. The heat and steam feel good on the throat and sinuses, and garlic supposedly does some good for the immune system. And best of all, even with a cold you can usually still taste garlic.
  14. displacedmountainman said: whiskey honey and lemon juice work wonders
  15. the-cumming-insurrection said: drink an entire bottle of nyquil and you can ask god himself to make your cold go away
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