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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Regarding Fox News’ airing of a suicide live

Here’s my thoughts right off the bat — while these images might be upsetting to some people, in our gun-soaked culture, why not show the results of firing a gun? This kind of scene is shown nightly on network television and in graphic detail in movies. Granted, the lighting isn’t as pretty and there’s no immediate cutaway in real life, but if we’re going to celebrate the right to own and carry weapons, why not show the results? Doesn’t this naturally follow from a 24 hour news cycle, where everything is sensationalized and nothing is truly discussed?

To me, this is like the prohibition on showing flag-draped caskets. God forbid we see the results of war and weapons. In a bizarre way, it almost feels reminiscent of the end of Fahrenheit 451 — only the man was not killed by police. In the book, a stand in for Guy Montag is killed live on television. Shep Smith apologized, but I’m not sure there’s much to apologize for here, other than sensationalizing the chase itself. The airing of the man’s suicide was not stopped by their delay. 

And why should it be? Regardless of the delay, the victim is still dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The car chase and suicide happened publicly. That this man sought a permanent way out — along with thousands of other Americans each year — should offend our delicate sensibilities more than what Fox News aired today.

Feel free to disagree or agree, or discuss. Perhaps I’m a cynic. 

More information here and here.

— Meg

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  2. nosebacon said: I agree with you 100 percent. Also, and keep in mind I hate FOX , suicides have happened before on live tv. I happen to feel this is being made a bigger deal because it is Fox. It is unfortunate, in a way, but it is also the truth of life.
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    Airing a suicide is akin to airing an execution. There’s a fucking reason this doesn’t happen. You said that we should...
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    a must read. beautifully said as always.
  5. hidesert said: While I understand the thoughts for family and friends, I’m not sure that is reason enough to not show the consequences. Perhaps many more family and friends could be spared if people understood what guns do.
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  7. elytra said: IMO, the issue isn’t upsettingness or reality, but respect for the man and his friends or family. Can you imagine if he, for example, has a child who ends up seeing that footage? I mean, it was a mistake, so there’s nothing to say there, but yes.
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