Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Overheard at family weekend between mom and freshman

So... how ARE your classes? Doing well, I assume.
I'm gonna, like, fail everything.
What do you mean? Do you need a tutor? Honey, just let us know.
No, I need my books.
But you got all that loan money. And your dad and I have given you over $4,000. What did you do with it?!
No, I still have it. The teacher must have passed them out on the first day. I wasn't here, remember? You had to take me on your stupid cruise and now I don't have my stupid books because I wasn't here on the first day.
Uh, Connor? You have to buy them.
Yeah, now that I missed the teacher passing them out. There must not be enough to go around. I'm not spending all my money on stupid books.
Did you ask the others where they got their book?
No, they'll know I was dumb and missed the first day and so now I have to buy my books like a lame asshole.
Don't swear. Didn't you know in college, you BUY your books? All of them. You have to buy them. They don't give them out like in high school.
No, I didn't KNOW that because you and dad never TOLD me. That's dumb. Why should I buy books? I hate books. It's the teacher's job to teach me stuff. If they want me to learn stuff from books, they should buy them.
*looks around* Look, honey, the bookstore is still open! Let's go get you your books!
Whatever. Only if you get me an iPad to like, read them on.
They leave.
*looks up from typing this, facepalms* Did that just fucking happen?

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