Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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as you read about the trial of Brisenia Flores’s murderers…


Please note how rarely MSM is calling her murderers white supremacists and how rarely the organization they are a part of is called a hate group. Notice how key phrases like “hotly contested issue” keep coming up as code words for “white supremacist violence.” Notice how the Minutemen are never called a terrorist organization.

Notice how Brisenia is always mentioned in context of the little white girl shot during the Giffords shooting—as if Brisenia only became important and a tragedy *after* a white girl was killed. As if the only thing that could help us to understand the tragedy of Brisenia is first understanding a tragedy through a lens of whiteness.

Remember that Brisenia was killed first. And that she was specifically murdered because of the color of her skin. What happened to Brisenia was an act of white supremacist violence.

White supremacy is gendered male—and sees brown children as “anchors” and brown girl children as the next generation of resource drainers. Race IS gender. Citizenship IS gender. Border crossing is a direct threat to white supremacy. This is the truth we miss unless we teach other how to find it. 

Class, race, gender. In violence like this, it’s all intertwined. Brisenia and her father deserve their own justice outside the context of another murder. They got it yesterday.

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    God I wish I could be this articulate in class. I mean, it doesn’t make the subject matter any less horrifying, but DAMN...
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    If you’ve not read this already, please do. Yes, all of it.
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    Class, race, gender. In violence like this, it’s all intertwined. Brisenia and her father deserve their own justice...
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    Reblogging for the commentary - we can’t forget that racism and sexism are almost inextricably intertwined.
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