Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Vice Presidential Debate Bingo cards! Here’s the cards in a downloadable album:

Same rules as before! The squares are not candidate-specific unless denoted as such. The debate will air on NBC, ABC, and CBS, along with C-SPAN, starting at 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. It will be live-streamed at C-SPAN’s site, plus numerous other sources. If you’re having trouble finding a site, let me know.

We’re doing things a bit differently now!

This time around, win a swag bag packed with political stickers, buttons, a yard sign, and more! The most bingos across the most cards will win a swag bag with Obama buttons and stickers, plus additional fun political stuff I’ve picked up along the way.

To enter, submit your cards within one hour of the debate’s conclusion. And hey, if you don’t like Obama, there’s going to be other cool stuff in there and you can sell the Obama stuff to a fan.

The winner will be notified Oct. 15th — I’ll need your home address in order to ship you your bag o’ goodness, so if you submit from outside Tumblr, use a valid email! I will still give gifs for bingos, so submit the cards. Tie-breakers are the most squares selected, and/or submission time.

Follow me on twitter as I live blog the debates: @meglanker

Oh, yes.

Again, submit cards here or email completed cards to

GIF prizes for first submission and most bingos on one card!

Happy bingo, folks!



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