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A Day In The Life: A Non-Muslim White Girl Relates How She’s Treated After Donning A Hijab

This link was submitted to me several weeks ago by Chris K., who wrote, “There’s just so much wrong here that I don’t know where to start.”

Well, neither do I, except to say that someone’s race or ethnicity isn’t your goddamn social experiment, white people. You don’t get to try it on like Tyra Banks and her fat suit, and then come away saying, “Gosh, I learned something. Life is just SO UNFAIR to those people.”

No shit.

As the author wrote in her reasoning for doing this:

"At first I wanted to keep this story between me and a few close friends, but in light of what has just recently happened at the Islamic Center of America, I feel that I have to share this story. This is no longer an issue on religion. This is outright discrimination and intolerance. If my story can inspire others, or at least affect someone on a personal level, then I’ve done all that I can do."

How about you actually ask Muslim women what it’s like to wear the hijab? Let their stories inspire people. Or ask an American Indian about their culture versus donning a headdress and discussing how spiritual it makes you feel? And for fuck’s sake, blackface and afro wigs are never okay. 

A few excerpts of this piece that made my blood boil:

"[A]n idea occurred to me when I was driving home from the mosque. Back in high school, I wanted to do a social experiment for my Sociology class. My sister gave me the idea to wear a hijab out in public to see how people treated me. Back then, I didn’t know where to find a hijab. Now that I had one, I thought I would give that experiment another shot. So I put on my new hijab and set out to three public places: a bookstore, the mall, and a restaurant."

Oh, and this:

"I wrote this in my status on Facebook: Muslims put up with some of the worst customer service. I am not exaggerating when I say this."

If that doesn’t sound the WORST DAY EVER for a privileged white person…

"I want it noted that when I stepped into the mall, I was not wearing a burqa (Muslim clothing that covers all of the body and the face), a chador (Iranian clothing that covers the entire body) or a niqab (a veil that covers the hair and face which reveals only the eyes). In post-September 11th America, the clothing listed would understandably be considered suspicious in case of a burglary or a bomb threat. The clothing makes it difficult, if not impossible, to make a clear identification in case of those threats. Had I been wearing those, I would understand the neglectful salespeople and the security guard trailing me, but all I wore was a hijab. All I was covering was my hair."

Get that, Muslim women? If you’re in any traditional clothing but a hijab in post-9/11 America, it’s okay that you’re discriminated against because security.

I just don’t know what else to say here, other than you’re doing it wrong. 

ETA: As it was pointed out to me, there are Muslims of every skin color. I may not have been clear, but I’m referring to non-Muslim white people.

Thoughts, Tumblrverse?

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  5. theromanticsdilemma said: Unfortunately, there are many privileged people who hear stories from non-privileged people and think “Oh, they’re just exagerrating to get pity.” Hopefully, reading about this girl’s experience will get the point across.
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  21. andimthedad said: At least she’s trying something. Can she speak to the full spectrum of a Muslim woman’s experience in modern America? No. Did she get a tiny taste of it? Yes. And that’s a helluva lot more than she had before.