Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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By focusing his campaign mostly on serious economic and political issues such as the national debt and tax incentives, Romney failed to take into account the fact that large segments of the electorate neither know nor care much about serious economic and political issues. What they — a group sometimes euphemistically called ‘uninformed voters’ — do know and care about are the tugs on their emotions, fears, revulsions and heart strings provided by hours and hours of uninterrupted television watching…

Palin can more than keep up with the Democrats in appealing to voters’ emotions. Hardly anyone could be more blue collar than Palin, out on the fishing boat with her hunky blue-collar husband, Todd. Palin is ‘View’-ready, she’s ‘Ellen’-ready, she’s Kelly-and-Michael-ready…

Furthermore, looks count in politics, and Palin at age 48, has it all over her possible competition, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, who will be 69 by election day 2016 and who let someone talk her into adopting the flowing blond locks of a college student, making her look like Brunnhilde in a small-town Wagner production. Men love Sarah Palin, and she loves men.

Charlotte Allen, arguing the GOP should nominate Sarah Palin in 2016. As explained by the subheader, “She’s hot, she’s blue collar, she’s electable.”

First off, no. Sarah Palin is not blue collar. Not by a long shot. Her white-collar may have a ring of blue around the edge, but she advocates policies that hurt blue collar people.

In Allen’s column, she also argues Bristol will pull in the single mom demographic. Now, being childless myself, maybe I’m wrong here — but it seems to me, my single mom friends don’t get a reality show, a condo in Arizona, and a starring role in Dancing With the Stars as a reward or likely career option. Nor have they had tabloid-fodder fights with the fathers of their children. Okay, maybe that’s not true. But I can’t think of one single mom that can relate to Bristol Palin, except maybe the girls from Teen Mom. Even then, they didn’t have former moms who quit being governor to be a super mega snarky media star because reasons and money.

Further, I’m not sure it’s the dude demographic that the GOP is having problems with, unless you count men of color. Once you bring in people of color, the GOP has even more issues with which to contend. And Palin’s not exactly known for racial sensitivity

And really, should the target be uniformed voters? I would argue, ideally yes, until your argument centers around someone “Ellen-ready” and who can pull on emotional heartstrings, rather than someone WHO CAN INFORM THE VOTERS. It’s tough to inform voters when your domestic and foreign policy is a word salad tossed with Fox News. But who cares, because she’s hot, amirite?! </sarcasm>

Finally, can we PLEASE stop slamming fellow women for their looks? As a start? Maybe? This is a goddamn election to be leader of the free world, not the leader of The Plastics in Mean Girls. “Men love Sarah Palin and she loves men…” — obviously Hillary Clinton is a man-hating Brunnhilde, and Sarah Palin is not, so therefore electable. Boy, menfolk, Allen has zero faith in your abilities to critically evaluate your possible leadership.  

Allen is cited at the end of her column for frequently writing about feminism, but I’d argue women like her and Palin are examples of why we still need it. Honestly, the biggest favor the GOP can do Democrats in 2016 would be to nominate Sarah Palin. She represents the worst of the Republican Party, a talking-point machine spewing invective, stereotypes, and nonsense. When Todd Akin made his legitimate rape comments, she didn’t condemn them. She could only muster an "I-told-ya-so" on Twitter because she supported another candidate in the GOP primary. Remember her “blood libel” fiasco? Palin doesn’t care about “real America” or “not real America” or America in general. She cares about Sarah Palin, and being right. If the GOP wants to open a circus tent instead of the big tent, nominate Sarah Palin as your ringleader in 2016. 

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