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Congress more popular than meth labs, less popular than Nickelback

Recently, Public Policy Polling sought to discover just how low the public’s opinion of Congress had fallen, testing the popularity of the U.S. Congress against twenty-six different, typically unpopular things. We all know that the American people have a less-than-favorable opinion of Congress (9% favorable and 85% unfavorable), but damn. The results weren’t pretty.

Here’s the outcome of PPP’s survey, in a handy illustrated form, from most to least popular thing:


image vs. image

When presented with a choice between Congress or Brussels sprouts, respondents gave a higher favorable rating to Brussels sprouts (69%) versus Congress (23%).


image vs. image

Survey takers had a higher opinion of lice (69%) than Congress (19%).


image vs. image

Respondents held colonoscopies in higher regard (58%) than Congress (31%).


image vs. image

Used car salesman beat out Congress 57% to 32%.


image vs. image

Respondents had a higher opinion of actual traffic jams (56%) versus the metaphorical traffic jam of Congress (34%).


image vs. image

The NFL’s much-maligned replacement refs did better than Congress by a rate of 56% to 29%.


image vs. image

Root canals were chosen over Congress 56% to 32%.


image vs. image

The perceived snub launching “freedom fries” must be forgiven — 46% of people held a higher opinion of France, while Congress received a favorable rating of 37%.


imagevs. image

Cockroaches have a remarkable ability to adapt to a changing environment. Perhaps this helps explain why they edge out Congress 45% to 43%.


image vs. image

It was nearly a tie between the Donald and Congress for a higher opinion rating. But Trump edged out Congress 44% to 42%.


imagevs. image

Respondents held a higher favorable opinion of Genghis Khan (41%) versus Congress (37%).


image vs. image

Carnies fared better than Congress in PPP’s popularity poll — 39% to 31%.


image vs. image

I know, right? But PPP assures us that 39% of people hold a higher opinion of Nickelback than Congress. Respondents held Congress in higher esteem than the Canadian scourge at a rate of 32%.


image vs. image

Political Pundits were favored over Congress 37% to 34%.

But all is not lost. Here’s the choices with a lower favorability than Congress:

image image image

image image image

 image imageimage

image image image

As PPP explains:

Congress did manage to beat out telemarketers (45-35), John Edwards (45-29), the Kardashians (49-36), lobbyists (48-30), North Korea (61-26), the ebola virus (53-25), Lindsay Lohan (45-41), Fidel Castro (54-32), playground bullies (43-38), meth labs (60- 21), communism (57-23), and gonorrhea (53-28).

Job well done, 112th Congress.


113th Congress, you’ve got some big shoes to fill.

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