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Fox News reporter John Stossel accuses Native Americans of “freeloading”


In his weekly show “Freeloaders,” Fox News reporter John Stossel attempts to scapegoat “lazy” Native Americans whom he alleges are scamming US taxpayers.

(Trigger warning for racism, cultural insensitivity and historical ignorance)

“No group has been more helped by the American government than American Indians. Yet no group in America does worse. Almost a quarter of Native Americans live in poverty. 66 percent are born to single mothers. They have short life spans. Indian activists say the solution is - surprise - more money from the government. But Washington already spends about $13 billion on programs for Indians every year.”

I just… wow… um, really?

The comments on this story are even worse…It’s the entire Derailing for Dummies guide. I’m pasting some after the jump.

Here’s compassionate conservatism in action:

"OMG come out of the 19th century and stop being a victim! When ALL people realize they are responsible for their own destiny and quit crying over the past and waiting for someone to come and rescue them, then life will get better for them. NO one cares if you want to be an Indian…just don’t expect taxpayers who weren’t alive when these horrible wrongs were done (and neither were you) to pay to infinity for it."

"There are some things that can never be made ‘right’ you just have to pick up where you are and move forward. Sitting around waiting for someone else to make it right will get you nowhere. If the government keeps going the way it’s going we won’t have to worry about anyone freeloading because the government will be absolutely broke….actually they already are."

"What wrongs have WE - not our ancestors - done against the American Indian aside from enabling them? I haven’t wrong them. Why should my tax dollars go to them? What good has the money done to "enable these people to change their situation". It has only enabled them to continue their situation as all forms of welfare do."

"I don’t know about you, but I have never oppressed an American-Indian. I’ve never owned a slave, for that matter. I’ve also never (insert derogatory verb) a (insert derogatory racial slur) in my entire life! So lets be clear, what do WE owe them?"

"The indians our government screwed are dead. The government people who screwed them are dead. Lets move on. Did you see how well the indian tribe is doing who is not relying on the government? What part do you not understand? Quit living in the past. Indians can leave the reservation anytime they want. No one is forcing them to be there. It is called work hard and improve your situation, Where does it say anything in life is easy? Move on!!!!"

"That was a long time ago and no one forces them to stay there. It is debilitating them. They would feel much better about their lives if they bought their own peace of land to do with how they like. They would be proud of the hard work they had to do to afford the land and prouder that they own it with no strings attached. If someone willed you an old house would you stay in it forever? You would sell when it was not meeting the needs anymore. If anything the land is tainted!!"

"I agree with your show ,Mr. Stossel. We have a whole lot of freeloading going on in this country, and a Whole lot of people think they sooooooo entitled to something. It is enough to make you dizzy! What does God think about your entilements People? It is His dirt, His land, and His water, ECT So quit your bellyaching! Take care of what you have been given from God!"

"We put up with you communists blaming Bush for eveything from the assasination president Lincoln to the gulf oil spill and the earthquakae that just rocked Japan. It’s not the Black Obama that we don’t like. In fact that he is black is the ONLY thing we like about him. It’s the white Europian socialist that we don’t like about him. The man who let the Muslim brotherhood take over a former alli in Egypt. The man who thinks that he knows better than the founding fathers. The indian, Obama, athiests, communists, all of you try to steal what white people worked hundreds of years for."

This is a small minority of the ignorant, racist comments on the story. 

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    (Trigger warning for racism, cultural insensitivity and historical ignorance) In his weekly show “Freeloaders,” Fox News...
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    This is a small minority of the ignorant, racist comments on the story.
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