Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Journalism. You’re doing it wrong, HuffPo. The Pentagon has never “lavished” benefits upon the military. Let me bust out the dictionary:

Lav·ish: To expend or give in great amounts or without limit

Synonyms: abundant, bountiful, copious, effusive, exaggerated, excessive, extravagant, exuberant, first-class, free, generous, gorgeous, grand, immoderate, impressive, improvident, inordinate, intemperate, liberal, lush, luxuriant, luxurious, munificent, openhanded, opulent, plentiful, plush, posh, prodigal, profligate, profusive, prolific, riotous, ritzy, sumptuous, swanky, thriftless, unreasonable, unrestrained, unsparing, unstinging, wasteful, wild

Yeah, I don’t think any of that describes military benefits. I left my pal’s comment for that reason. I was about to send HuffPo a nastygram, but then I clicked through to the link from Facebook.

Obviously, some folks pulled their heads out of their asses and fixed this, but now it sounds inaccurate and odd. The first sentence went from: “For more than a decade, Congress and the Pentagon have lavished money on the nation’s 1.3 million active-duty troops…” to “For more than a decade, Congress and the Pentagon have spent money on the nation’s 1.3 million active-duty troops…”

Trust me, we’ve been spending money on the troops for more than a decade. And do you think this funding boost could possibly be due to, oh, I don’t know, two wars that have become quagmires? I bet it’s harder to keep people enlisted without providing these so-called “lavish” benefits. I wouldn’t consider refurbished houses and family counseling “lavish,” but that’s just me. You know what was lavish, HuffPo?


Oh, and this:


Behold, The Huffington Post’s Oasis from the 2012 Republican National Convention. I’ll admit, I took advantage of the free massage, makeup touch up, mini-facial and organic juice. It was pretty lavish. And from what I remember in my military career, I didn’t have the cash for lavish things like that. I bet there’s a majority of people enlisted in the military who would dig a chance to chill at a HuffPo Oasis. We reporters sure did. Thanks for lavishing these perks on us!

Bonus lavish photo! Here’s that one time Arianna Huffington cut in front of me for a makeup touch up. I ain’t even mad:


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    Being a military brat myself, I can say enlisted and officer quarters and clubs were never lavish or out of ordinary....
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    >my friend in the army bitched about what he signed up for Seriously. Shut the fuck up. EVERYTHING is accessible before...
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    i honestly can’t say i’m too terribly surprised
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    My friend in the Army, as an E-2 at the time said that he calculated the amount of hours and work he did, with his...
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    I love HuffPo, but this is fucking ridiculous. How about you bastards work a day in my combat boots?! The pay is nowhere...
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    Lavish my ASS. My husband hasn’t gotten even a cost of living increase in years, meanwhile the actual cost of living in...
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    Seriously, they’re calling military benefits ‘lavish’? After the expose of military hospitals that had mold, mice, holes...
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    Ha! Lavish. Military. That hilarious. Enlisted make 27000 a year. That’s only slightly better than when I was working...
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    Seriously don’t know what they were talking about. I’m a military brat. Growing up base housing was shit, medical care...
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