Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

  1. littlemissourigallery said: dont give up on that. It will happen
  2. coffee-n-cats said: aw, sorry hun. keep going!!!
  3. qbits said: Sorry to hear. Their loss!
  4. saranghae921 said: so many law schools are still taking applications! Chicago Kent’s deadline is tomorrow. Fordham’s is the end of March. Hell, some schools take apps in July! Plan B! Plan B!!!
  5. dashdotdashbackslash said: Sorry to hear that. I’ll have a drink for you tonight.
  6. sarasnee said: Balls. :(
  7. clarejustmuses said: I’m so sorry to hear that! Law school is a such a crap shoot; I got in off the wait list of my school barely a week before orientation, and it astounds me how many morons got in right away. Keep plugging! I know you’ll come up with something!!
  8. squashed said: That’s really frustrating and discouraging.
  9. thebesstuffonearth said: Sorry to hear. Better luck on your next attempt.
  10. mallowtree said: Hang in there, Meg!
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    Bummer :( I’m on Plan Q right now, if that makes you feel any better. Nothing turns out the way you plan!
  12. sosungalittleclodofclay said: damn
  13. browngurlwfro said: I am sorry I know how rejection feels, last year I got rejected from 6 different grad programs but I got into grad school after 1 year off and building up my resume. So stay positive!
  14. portraitofasmile said: Is today “get turned down from grad school” day? Am in similar straits. Meanwhile, UW lacks taste, if they turned you down!
  15. underwearparade said: Nooooooooo! Wtf! Bob Saget! I hope your next plans come together quickly, sheesh.
  16. inquisitivebibliophile said: Aw shit. I’m sorry :(
  17. ladygastronomista said: sorry :(
  18. passiveaggressivepositivity said: Sorry, dear! I’m sure whatever you do next, you will excel in!
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