Cognitive Dissonance

"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Anonymous asked: If we have guns on campus then maybe liberal cunts like you won't come to Wyoming. People like you come in and fuck everything up. Just remember the only gun free zone is campus. Everywhere else is fair game. Feel safe? I carry everywhere and my girl feels safe. You shouldn't because a bad guy with a gun won't wait for the good guys with guns to show up. Find yourself a real man to teach you some respect bitch. See you in class next week.

Ah yes. Because “real men” prove their masculinity with vague threats, misogynistic insults, and bragging about their boomsticks — anonymously, of course.

Yeah, I feel safe. And who’s gonna teach me some respect? You? That’s laughable. And if you do go to class with me, yes, I’ll see you next week — unarmed, thankfully. You sound like a dudebro with a hairtrigger temper.

Oh, and did you know you’re much more likely to shoot your girlfriend than an attacker? I’d hate to think how you act towards her if this is how you talk to women in general.

As for the Wyoming argument, get over yourself. There’s no birthright here. And the over 80% Republican state legislature rejected even considering lifting the ban on concealed carry on campus. Maybe it’s because they’re worried folks like yourself will disregard a gun’s use as a tool for defense and instead view said weapon as a solution in search of a problem.

In conclusion, I could write you a big, long answer with links and such about why guns on campus are a terrible idea, but I’ll just thank you for making that argument for me. About the last thing we need at UW is armed, misogynistic xenophobe fucks like you.


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  1. roxisangel said: When people say “my girl” I always think that they’re talking about their children. IDK.
  2. fishnetsxfros said: Urgh…when idiots utter words my soul aches.
  3. uncdan85 said: *snort* People are so strange. “Real man.” Hahahaha
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