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Assembly passes bill ending requirement to disinfect municipal water

From the Ayn Rand devotee files:

The [Wisconsin] Assembly has passed AB 23, which would, unless mandated by federal law, end a DNR requirement that municipal water systems be continuously disinfected. The bill passed 58-35

Dems charged that the law meant the state was walking away from its commitment to provide clean drinking water to the public, listing a wide range of potential water-borne illnesses. “We put this new standard in place to protect Wisconsin citizens,” said Rep. Cory Mason, D-Racine. “We’re now rolling back those standards to go down to the lowest common denominator.”

Republicans countered that the DNR requirements are an unnecessary burden on communities with already strong water standards. "Why don’t you want these communities to make their own choice on this?" asked [bill author] Rep. Severson.

Because there’s some things that should NOT BE UP FOR DEBATE! Safe drinking water is possible BECAUSE of the standards in place, not because anyone made a choice to do this. So what about communities who have a Scott Walkeresque mindset and decide profits over people, over common fucking sense?!

It’s like the GOP is trying to ensure recalls… I invite them to read about The Broad Street Cholera Outbreak of 1854 and then defend this bill. 

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    Counting on 3 things: 1. People won’t remember the ‘93 crypto scare (besides those 104 people infected are still dead.)...
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    I watched the debate on this. It was disgusting. They then had the audacity to debate (and eventually pass) removing the...
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    Does no GOP Rep. remember the crptosporidium outbreak in Milwaukee in the early 1990s that killed people?
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    because companies will HAVE TO make clean water because nobody will pay for the dirty water! right? that’s the tea party...
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    Flames on the sides of my face. What the actual fuck is this? I’m just reading this headline over and over in disbelief.
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    unrelated: OH GOD I’M GOING TO WISCONSIN NEXT WEEK /realization
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