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Why Birthers Won't Die

Corsi’s book suggests that birtherism is mutating in sinister ways, becoming much more explicitly racist. If you read between the lines, Where’s the Birth Certificate? doesn’t just argue that Obama is ineligible to hold the office. It implies that all children of immigrants, and perhaps all people of color, are as well.

Much of Where’s the Birth Certificate? rehashes old, debunked stories meant to cast doubt onΒ Obama’s birth in Hawaii. But the book also claims that even if Obama wasborn in the United States, he still might not be a “natural-born citizen” because of his father’s foreign citizenship, which would make him ineligible for the presidency. To make this argument, Corsi dredges up a constitutional theory popular in white supremacist and anti-immigrant circles, making an invidious distinction between those granted citizenship by the 14th Amendment and those who were citizens under the Constitution as originally written.

"Obama and his defenders want to transform the eligibility question into a matter of whether Obama is a citizen under the 14th Amendment," Corsi writes. "If that succeeds, then the eligibility impediments arising from the foreign citizenship of Obama’s father simply disappear."

I’ve always felt race and racism played a huge part in birtherism’s delusions. Plus, for as much as these folks like to insist the Clintons are the collective Anti-Christ, they sure aren’t giving Bill and Hillary much credit. If Obama was actually ineligible, don’t you think her oppositional research team would have uncovered it?Β 

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    Of course they would have. But the birthers won’t even accept that, because it’s a CONSPIRACY! It’s all part of the...
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    It’s all about racism. It’s pretty much legitimizing the notion that people of color are not truly citizens of America....
  6. baconisbetterthanlove said: I totally agree. Race plays a huge part in the birther movement. As far as I know, he is the only president who has had his birthplace questioned, and it’s because he is the only non fully white president.
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    Wait, there was ever any doubt that this was about race? Okay, I know - let’s play a game! We’ll all name US Presidents...
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