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Indiana Planned Parenthood to drop Medicaid patients

Planned Parenthood of Indiana will stop seeing Medicaid patients after Monday because of an Indiana law that cut the provider’s funding.

PPIN went to court last month to prevent Indiana from cutting funding to the state’s largest reproductive health care provider. U. S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt said she would make a decision on whether to enjoin the law by July 1.

"Our 9,300 Medicaid patients, including those who had appointments Tuesday, are going to see their care disrupted," Betty Cockrum, president and CEO of PPIN, said in a statement. The Medicaid funds stopped May 11, the day Republican Governor Mitch Daniels signed a law that restricts abortions and cuts federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood performs abortions, but even before the Indiana law passed, federal money could not be used to pay for abortions. Indiana cut Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood that covers other reproductive health services, including contraception and cancer screening.

After Monday, PPIN said it will have run out of the donations it used to pay for existing Medicaid patients after the bill made national news… If the judge doesn’t make a favorable ruling by July 1, PPIN said it will start closing health centers and reducing staff. 

North Carolina and Kansas have also restricted funding to Planned Parenthood, but their actions do not affect payments from the federal Medicaid program. Indiana blocks both state and federal payments.

Ideologues: Your actions have real life consequences. Observe above. The money you blocked paid for zero abortions. It DID pay for preventative care, cancer screening, and reproductive care. It DID give people all over Indiana access to care they couldn’t otherwise afford.

Now, I’m going to use language here you may understand better. Planned Parenthood also provides services that have nothing to do with no-no parts, naughty bits, or whatever you call them. Here’s a short list:

  • Anemia testing 
  • cholesterol screening
  • diabetes screening
  • physical exams, including for employment and sports
  • flu vaccines
  • help with quitting smoking
  • high blood pressure screening
  • tetanus vaccines
  • thyroid screening

Expect an increase in emergency room visits, Indiana. Any of the pro-lifers want to step up and help pay for these things? Hmmm? It’s the pro-life thing to do, right?

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