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What it Says About Us When a 17-Month-Old Boy Is Beaten to Death for "Acting Like a Girl"

As a society, we equate masculinity with force, with violence, with aggression, with being “tough” and invulnerable. We celebrate it those things as virtues. To a widely-varying degree, we look with disdain, or pity, or condescension, or amusement at too much deviation from the prescribed norm. And we occasionally exact a terrible penalty for stepping outside those rigid parameters.

The beating death of 17-month-old Roy Jones was no less a hate crime because the victim was a baby. Whether would have grown up to be gay, or transgender, or just a gentle, sweet-natured straight boy, was still many years away. More, it was irrelevant.

The attack, and the apparent impulse behind it - that a violent man was made uncomfortable by a even a perceived variation on gender-normative behavior - is exactly what makes transgender and gender-variant Americans among the most vulnerable segment of the population, and children who even appear gender-variant are the most vulnerable of all.

…With few exceptions, monsters are made, not born. They are still monsters, but they are carved with the hurtful blows of many sharp chisels, over many years. At the very least, his own violent psychopathology notwithstanding, someone, somewhere, taught Pedro Jones that the worst thing a little boy can do is act like a girl. In the end, it matters precious little when or where he learned it, because a 17-month-old toddler ultimately paid a terrible price for that lesson.

Utterly and completely horrifying. The article raises a troubling issue: Who protects children who may not even be transgendered, gender-variant, GLBTQ, etc…? How can this happen in this century?

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    It happens because too many people turn a blind eye to the abuse of children. Even worse, there are many parents who...
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    There aren’t even words.
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    this is true. boys are expected to play with “masculine” toys like guns and tanks. it is a miracle that a boy decides to...
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    How can this happen in the year 2011?
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    Me too. Why are some people just horrible?
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    I have no faith in Humanity. I don’t. I wish I was more optimistic but i’m not. God this is fucken terrible.
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    This man is so sick. Not to be extreme but the death penalty should be reserved for people such as these.
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    … k I quit humanity
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    People who love can’t give up on people who don’t. Nothing would ever get better. It takes effort and suffering to make...
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    Emphasis mine. A 17 month old. If that doesn’t horrify you, I’ve got nothing else to add to that. Nothing at all.