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Mormon Teen Loses Inhibitions After Third Benadryl

The pious calm of this peaceful Mormon enclave on the Great Salt Lake was shattered Monday, when, in what local church authorities are calling an “extremely disturbing” incident, 16-year-old Enoch Zachariah Young had his inhibitions severely lowered by the ingestion of three Benadryl┬«-brand allergy-relief tablets.

"You hear about things like this happening in non-LDS communities, but I never thought it could happen to one of God’s true elect, to one of our own," Ruth Mary Young, the boy’s mother, told reporters from the Mormon News Network cable channel. "The poor boy’s allergies act up so bad during these hot desert summers here in the Chosen Land, and I guess he let temptation get the better of him."

"May Jesus Christ, and his prophet on Earth, Joseph Smith, have mercy on his immortal soul," added Young before collapsing in tears.

If he finds the Robitussin, it’s all over.

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