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Bachmann Tried To Pass State Law Protecting Ex-Gay Therapists

The media attention on the harmful ex-gay therapy¬†performed in Dr. Marcus Bachmann’s Christian counseling clinic shines new light on a law his wife tried to pass when she was in the Minnesota state Senate in 2006. The “Minnesota Expanded Health Care Practices Act for Licensed Health Care Professionals” (SF 2984) sought to create a legal right to “expanded health care,” defined as any treatment or approach “not generally considered to be within the prevailing minimum standards of care of a profession or that are not standard practices of a profession in a particular community.” It also would have established legal protections for any practitioners who offered such expanded health care.

So I could have done brain surgery out of my garage if this law passed. Pretty sure it meets the criteria. In all seriousness, imagine the possibilities here… it makes me shudder.

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    Mark my words…something will show up in the news soon that proves Michelle’s Hubby “doth protest too much”! My gaydar is...
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    emphasis mine. that made me lol even though this story is AWFUL.
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    Why do I still let her idiocy astound me?
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    michele bachmann is a woefully uninformed woman who wants to be a politician. her husband is a woefully uninformed man...
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    Yes, people who do not understand basic human rights should not be passing laws about peoples health.
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    When I first read the title, I thought that it was saying that Marcus Bachmann used to be gay, and now he’s not, yet he...
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