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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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Anti-Gay Lawmaker Offers $80 For Gay Teen Craigslist M4M Hotel Hookup

An anti-​gay, opposite-​sex married Indiana state lawmaker offered a young man he met through a Craigslist M4M section $80 to meet for a hookup at a local Marriott hotel, and when the young man tried to back out of the deal, exposed himself and tried to prevent him from leaving the hotel room, according to a report in the Indianapolis Star.

The six-​term, 64-​year old Catholic, Republican lawmaker, Rep. Phillip Hinkle, has voted against same-​sex marriage, and even voted to ban marriage equality via a constitutional amendment.

The Star recounts the entire event in great detail, from the time the young man, Kameryn Gibson, “who lists his age as 20 in the ad but says he is 18 years old,” is contacted by Hinkle, to Hinkle’s email address, to details of the email exchanges, and includes statements that Hinkle offered the young man and his sister — who came to rescue her brother once the deal went awry — $100, along with his Blackberry and iPad. Later, Hinkle’s wife reportedly offered the brother and sister $10,000 to keep quiet.

As one of my friends always says, “Shock. Gasp. Clutch the pearls.” The interesting wrinkle here is the wife offering $10,000 to the brother and sister to keep quiet - perhaps she knew of her husband’s dalliances? 

This is why Republican sex scandals are just so much more, well, scandalous. They seem to usually involve the family values crowd, who campaign on limiting rights for GLBTQ people and women, and then these politicians are invariably involved in extramarital relationships with the very people they wish to oppress. Do as I say, not as I screw. 

Here’s some free advice: If you can’t keep it in your pants, keep it off the internet. You will get caught otherwise. The internet is forever.

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    Haha! Shoulda taken the 10,000 then release the information a few weeks later. Lol
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    Hypocrisy strikes again.
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    Is it mean for me to take joy in anti-gay lawmakers being caught up in gay sex scandals? I don’t think it is, so I will...
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    Do as I say, not as I screw, omg that is fantastic.
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    And yet another hypocritical Republican gets caught with his pants down.
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    Redundant? Sure. Still amusing? Definitely.
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    "It’s okay if you’re a Republican." The hypocrisy of these “family values” politicians no longer shocks me.
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