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"Democracy! Bah! When I hear that I reach for my feather boa!" - Allen Ginsberg

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I’ve been following the #opBART tag…

And damn. I have a message to those bitching about #opBART protesters keeping them from getting home:

At least you get to go home. Those killed unlawfully by BART police in San Francisco will never again be so lucky as to go to any kind of home.

I stand with those in San Francisco peacefully supporting the right to free speech and assembly. I stand with the right of people in San Francisco to ride public transportation to ride transit without fear of being killed by a trigger-happy cop who claims not to know the difference between a firearm and a taser.

For future reference, here’s the taser and gun compared:

From Axis of Logic, discussing the shooting of Oscar Grant:

Police officers are required to carry the Tasers on their belt on the opposite side of their firearms. The department-issued firearm is a Sig-Sauer 40-caliber which weighs nearly three times as much as the department-issued Taser X26. It is also two inches taller.

Huh. Seems tough to get confused. Anyhow, why the need to shoot an unarmed, handcuffed man in the back with a taser?

So I stand with #opBART and others fighting against a police state. If you’re in or near San Francisco, I hope you will too, every Monday at the Civic Center station at 5 p.m.

After today’s protests, and arrests of peaceful protesters, here’s my suggestion:

Call #BART 24 hr voicemail & read them 1st amend @ 510-464-7134 or mail copy 2 BART District PO BOX 12688, Oakland, CA 94604-2688 #opBART

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